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Our Work

Hearts4Homeless aims to assist people experiencing homelessness on their journey towards shelter & life stability. Every year, thousands of people in the Bay Area struggle with the immense challenges brought on by homelessness. Those challenges are compounded by the effects of multiple complex issues such as mental health problems and difficulty accessing resources that could help them acquire long term housing.

Our strategy

A Holistic Approach

We believe that the best way to address the challenges of homelessness is through a holistic approach that addresses each person’s unique needs, including the mental and spiritual aspect. H4H also believes in nurturing the often overlooked spiritual needs, which are essential to improve mental health.

We work closely with our clients on a one on one basis, to provide personalized services through our Mental and Emotional Support Advocates (MESA) program.

The Connect With Your Soul workshop provides those who are homeless with a safe space where they can connect with others who are having a similar experience. This is vital towards helping them feel supported and heard, as well as establishing deeper community connections.

Additionally, Hearts4Homeless holds multiple events across the year, such as the Entertainment, Dinner & Bingo evenings. This event is held once a month, with Dinner provided followed by entertainment, clothing giveaways, haircuts, health care education, health services including blood pressure readings and flu shots.

If you are currently homeless and want to find out how we can help you, please contact us here