MESA:Mental and Emotional Support Advocate (MESA) Program:

People experiencing homelessness usually find themselves struggling to navigate the complex process of accessing services and resources that could be of vital help to them. The process of securing essential services or permanent housing is oftentimes very lengthy, and requires extensive follow up. This is difficult to accomplish with limited access to a consistent source of basic needs such as food and shelter, not to mention transportation and access to a phone line or the internet. 

The MESA Program aims to address this by connecting homeless clients to a certified Mental & Emotional Support Advocate (MESA). The MESA program is a unique partnership between advocate and client, which provides a more personalized service that specifically caters to the needs of each person. The MESA Advocate will work on a one-on-one basis to facilitate access to support services with the ultimate aim of helping clients acquire permanent affordable housing and establishing a sustainable lifestyle. 
If you are currently experiencing homelessness and would like to find out how Hearts4Homeless’s MESA program can help you, please contact us here

Certified MESA Volunteers:

Hearts4Homeless is recruiting MESA volunteers. H4H will provide volunteers with the training and skill necessary to become a certified MESA.  If you are interested in assisting homeless clients and advocating for them on their journey to acquiring housing and other essential services, please reach out to us here.