Connect With Your Soul

Many of us, having faced an immense amount of life stressors, feel a sense of transformation when we come across people and places where we feel cared for and truly listened to. The CWYS workshops are part of our overall strategy to holistically address the complex needs of people who are currently homeless, particularly their emotional and spiritual needs. These needs are often neglected, however we believe they are of paramount importance, especially when one is going through a difficult situation. At CWYS , we share a compassionate, safe space where people share stories with each other. Listening to each other’s stories of brokenness and pain helps us feel that we are not alone, which then ignites a process of healing from deep within.

a transformative workshop

The Healing Process

To facilitate the process of healing and transformation, our expert guides lead the workshops with guided meditation, inspiring videos, energy healing, and other tools. These tools are implemented to help facilitate one’s ability to go inward and find a deeper sense of connection with themselves and others, which inspires a sense of empowerment.

Workshop date & Time

Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the Month at 10 am. For the exact dates & times each month, please see our Events page.

workshop location

The workshop is usually held at Safe Harbor Shelter, but we are currently only holding Online Workshops for the safety of our participants. 

Online workshop

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are hosting our workshops online. For more information, please check for updates on our Events page.