Our Team

Hearts for Homeless team is always enthused and ready to take challenges…

Jack Fuller

Founder and President

Jack Fuller’s involvement and founding of Hearts for Homeless began over 15 years ago. Upon seeing extreme poverty, especially in the East Palo Alto area and witnessing the success and wealth generated from the Silicon Valley his compassion for revealing and resolving this disparity became his passion. He has served in support and advisory roles for InnVision Shelter Network. He has advocated and aligned with Downtown Streets Team, Momentum for Mental Health, Project WeHope, Street Life Ministries, North County Alternative Services and others as well as direct intervention with those living without homes.

Renee Masterson

Co-Founder and Coordinator

Born in England, Renee Masterson’s first plane ride was when she came to America at the age of 29. It was there she met her wonderful husband J.D and has been here for 52 years. Renee co-founded Hearts for Homeless in 2001.

Our Mission

Hearts for Homeless is committed to bringing those who are homeless in the Bay Area into an environment where they are self motivated to live life in a home of shelter and become a productive member of society. We seek to connect the homeless with year-round support and services that can help them turn their lives around, and to provide those with compassionate hearts opportunities to serve.

Our Vision

Hearts for Homeless promotes community awareness of issues connected with homelessness and engages in outreach throughout the Bay Area. Our members act out of compassion, with the desire to understand and connect with the un-housed and forgotten. It is also our desire to build a more just and socially responsible community.

Our History

Hearts for Homeless was founded in early 2000. It’s basis was formed to have an outreach program that served those with desperate needs such as the basics of food, clothing and shelter.

The program has grown to include many organizations & support groups from a wide variety of people who have a deep compassion to help their fellow man. Developing friendships and relationships with those who struggle with homelessness has been the desired result of Hearts for Homeless and we work alongside various local programs to offer support and guidance to help stabilize people lives.