How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help the homeless whether you wish to donate monetarily, time wise or spiritually. We welcome volunteers to help with of our events and we always are in need of item donations for our clothing closet and programs. If you would like to serve on a more permanent level, there is also the possibility to be a member of our board or lead a team. Wherever you would like to get involved, we will be sure to find a place for you.

Serving the entire Bay Area


Who have time, passion and talent . . .

We are in an early stage of laying a solid foundation for a radical philanthropic community dedicated to love, generosity, service and legacy.

We are reaching out & recruiting volunteers who truly have compassion & want to make a difference in the life of a homeless person. Our goal is that absolutely no one should be left on the street to survive without a sense of coming home.

Hearts for Homeless will transform our unhoused friends through our love and generosity, by giving of our time, resources and hearts to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.  We are Mental and Emotional Support Advocates (MESA) for the unhoused while they are in transition to a different lifestyle and permanent housing.  As Advocates who deeply listen to their stories, we hold the key to unlock their hope, trust and potential.  We build love and trust and connect them with resources for mental and physical health, transitional housing, clean clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, hot food, water and love.  We match individuals to the resources that provide the particular service they need to heal and succeed in their transition.  We offer them hope by deeply listening to their stories and loving them unconditionally.  We follow up with them frequently and support them on their journey.

Interview & Selection Process

If you are interested & have the desire to help get someone, one person, off the street we ask that you please submit your contact info & we will get back to you very soon to schedule a personal meeting.

The first meeting will be to get to know you & describe our program & plans that will connect you with a homeless person.

If you are selected, you will be given a course in becoming a certified Mentor & Emotional Support Advocate (MESA).

Once you have your certification, we will present many opportunities to connect you with a well-matched homeless person who has been qualified to receive your guidance.

Agreements will be signed & committed to for a duration of no less than 6 months. The length of time will be evaluated prior to signing & will be monitored & fully supported by the H4H staff.

The MESA volunteer will then work closely with the homeless client to begin the process for establishing a life off the street. The time commitment will be minimal & most likely not more than 1 to 4 hours per week.

Please use this link to set up your interview:


Please go to the “Contact Us” link!>>

It is without a doubt that your involvement will bring not only support for the one you work with, but you will be personally rewarded beyond any expectation you may have.